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Cablevision: Bundled cable TV services in New York and the Rocky Mountain area

Cablevision began providing cable TV service to 1,500 residents of Long Island, New York in 1973. The cable company has expanded service across the metropolitan area of New York City and surrounding areas of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and now provides service to millions in this area.

Cablevision service is also available in four western states: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. Around 300,000 customers subscribe to Cablevision service in these areas. These operations were purchased in 2010 when Cablevision acquired Bresnan Communications. Cablevision provides service here under the new brand, Optimum West. These operations were purchased in 2010 when Cablevision acquired Bresnan Communications. Cablevision provides service here under the new brand, Optimum West.

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Today, Cablevision provides more than just cable television – the company also offers phone and Internet services to customers in its service areas.

Optimum®: The Cablevision brand

Cablevision offers its services under the names Optimum TV®, Optimum Voice® and Optimum Online®, for cable television, phone service and high-speed Internet. Bundle these services, or order your Optimum services individually from Cablevision.

Find out whether you'll enjoy deals from Cablevision by bundling services for your home. Not sure about Cablevision? Compare it to other cable companies to find the best fit for your family.

Bundles: Cable, Internet and Phone Service from Cablevision

With the Optimum Triple Play, you can get cable television, phone and Internet service for your home, all bundled together for a discounted price. The Optimum App and Optimum WiFi are also included in the Triple Play package.

Get some of the most popular television channels, including your local networks. High-definition service is included, and you can check out free On Demand titles.

Cablevision phone service includes more than 20 helpful features, such as voicemail and the ability to block callers. Use 411 to get information and do reverse phone number lookups for free. Cablevision phone includes unlimited calling nationwide, plus Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Internet service from Cablevision gives you super-fast speed for uploads and downloads, so you can check email and watch movies in no time. Get Mobile Mail service to check your email when you're not at home, and create up to five email accounts for yourself or your family for free.

With the Optimum App, you can bring live TV and On Demand programming with you wherever you go in the house. Watch cable television from the bedroom, kitchen, or even out on the back deck, using your laptop, iPad®, Kindle Fire or Android smartphone by simply downloading the Optimum App. Use the app to set your DVR even when you're not at home, so you won't miss a show, even when you forget to schedule recordings before leaving the house.

Residents living in the metropolitan area of New York City can use Optimum hotspots to get online in more than 50,000 spots across the city. Take your laptop around town and browse the Internet or do some work while enjoying the weather at a park. Use the Automatic Sign In feature and your devices will connect to the Internet as soon as you enter one of the Optimum hotspots.

More about Cablevision

Check out more information about cable TV from Cablevision and other providers to successfully pick out the television service or cable bundle that is perfect for your family. Make sure Cablevision is available in your area, as serviceability is limited to a few areas across the United States. Consider all your options to find the home entertainment you need.

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